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 Configuration Hamachi

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PostSubject: Configuration Hamachi   Configuration Hamachi Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2008 3:15 pm

1. Why do I get "Failed to configure Hamachi network adapter"?

You will typically receive this message when your personal firewall is blocking network traffic on the Hamachi Network Connection.

When Hamachi is installed, it adds a virtual networking adapter that appears in standard Windows' Network Connections folder.

This adapter is fully controlled by Hamachi when it is running. Everything that Windows sends out over this connection is delivered to hamachi.exe.

When Hamachi starts up, it enables this connection and Windows starts the procedure of assigning it a network IP address. This usually involves sending and receiving a few network packets over the network adapter that is being configured.

The error you are seeing means that the Hamachi application did not receive these packets and therefore Windows failed to assign the required IP address to the Hamachi network connection.

There are three possible reasons for this problem.

1. A personal firewall blocking the initial network exchange. At the very least your firewall configuration must allow traffic to/from IP address on the Hamachi Connection. This is an address of DHCP server emulated by hamachi.exe

Also note that some less popular firewalls have problems coping with network adapters being dynamically enabled and disabled as it happens in Hamachi's case. In other words, keep in mind that your firewall might not accommodate for this possibility when troubleshooting.

2. The Hamachi connection has been configured to use a static IP address rather then being set to Acquire Network Address Automatically. Right click the Hamachi network adapter, Properties, select TCP/IP item, open its properties and make sure it is set to Acquire Network Address Automatically.

3. The DHCP Client service is not working properly. This was reported on two separate occasions. In one case it was sufficient to restart 'DHCP Client Agent' service and in another it required a reboot. To restart the service, go to Start > Run type "services.msc" and hit enter. Find the DHCP Client Service, right click, and restart it. Rebooting the PC will also achieve the same outcome.

2. Which ports / protocols does LogMeIn Hamachi use?

Hamachi connects to a central server on ports 12975 and 32976 over your Internet connection using TCP. These are destination ports on our server. Since Microsoft uses random outgoing ports to connect to specified target ports, you need to configure your firewall accordingly.

The first port is used for an initial contact, and the second is used for an actual session. You can set a static UDP listening port by configuring it in Preferences > Detailed Configuration, but note that this will require you to forward that port's UDP traffic from your router to the machine, if you are behind a router. Also note that if you have multiple machines to do this on, you will need to choose different ports for each to avoid conflicts.

It also uses dynamic local and remote UDP ports for communicating with other Hamachi peers.

If the methods above fail in connecting the Mediation Server (, Hamachi will try to use standard SSL connectivity (TCP port 443) to connect to it. This will not, however, affect the UDP parts.

Hamachi also support http proxy servers, which can be configured in Hamachi Preferences > Detailed Configuration.

3. What operating systems are compatible with LogMeIn Hamachi?

LogMeIn Hamachi will run on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP Pro and Home, Server 2003, and Windows Vista. It will also run on Linux and Mac OSX.

Due to the way that LogMeIn Hamachi creates the virtual network adapter, Windows 95/98/ME/NT cannot be supported.

4. What if I forgot my username and password to

First, please ensure you've created one. The web management interface is not required to use Hamachi, but rather to manage Hamachi accounts.

If you are 100% positive you did create an account, please verify which email address you used (we do send an email to activate the account).

If you didn't activate the account within 48 hours, please try and re-register, as the system does not keep inactive registrations past 48 hours for security reasons.

5. What does the yellow / cyan (blue) status indicator in LogMeIn Hamachi mean?

Yellow or cyan status means that Hamachi cannot establish direct peer to peer tunnel between you and respective peer. This is not a bug, but rather an artifact of core Hamachi technology that occurs roughly in 3-5% of all cases.

The underlying reason is in a combination of NAT/router/firewall devices on both ends. Therefore you may see cases when for A, B and C peers, A can talk to B, B can talk to C, but A cannot talk to C.

The steps below will allow you to overcome this issue. Please ensure you have the latest version of Hamachi before proceeding.

Option #1 - Port Forwarding

Select some UDP port, say, 12345

Forward this port from the network interface on your router that hooks up to the Internet to the machine that is running Hamachi.

Information on port forwarding for your specific router can be found at

Open Hamachi Preferences, go to Detailed Configuration, and set the UDP port to 12345.

Reconnect Hamachi

What this option does is it forces Hamachi to use the specified UDP port as a local port for all its peer to peer traffic.

Option #2 - (if not already on Premium or a trial)

Upgrade to a Premium account and our system will take care of relaying
the traffic between you and other people when no direct connectivity is

The traffic between you and your peers will remain encrypted end-to-end, and it will possess all cryptographic protection properties of a direct peer to peer connection. The only thing that will change is that it will be sent via 3rd network node - a relay - that is accessible from both peers.

We maintain a number of relays and whenever the tunnel is being setup,the system will select the one that delivers fastest possible transmission.

When the tunnel is relayed, you will see a peer marked with a blue status indicator instead of a green one.

For more information on Premium accounts check out -

6. I lost ownership of a Hamachi network. How do I recover it?

If you've had a system crash, reinstall, or some other circumstance that has forced you to reinstall Hamachi without its original configuration, you will receive a new Hamachi IP address when you reinstall the software. This IP does not retain your original network ownerships.

Use the links below to recover your ownerships and backup your configuration. You cannot get an old IP back if you didn't make a backup of your configuration.

Steps to Recover or Backup an Account

If you have all the information from the old network IP address, please visit this link to transfer your network

If you don't have the Master password to your old account, please click here: and reply with the request ID.

For the future, you can back up your existing configuration by following these steps:

7. How do I share files and/or folders over LogMeIn Hamachi?

This article will show you on how to set up Windows Simple File Sharing for use over your Hamachi network. This is needed in order to use the "Browse" feature in LogMeIn Hamachi.

Steps to implement Windows Simple File Sharing:

*Windows XP Home users skip to step 2*

1. Enable Simple File Sharing:

Windows XP Pro users:
Open Windows Explorer (My Computer) > Tools > Folder Options > View >. Make sure "Use Simple File Sharing," at the bottom, is ticked.

2. Make sure your Hamachi adapter is enabling File Sharing.

Go to Network Connections (in Control Panel) > right click Hamachi > Choose Properties. Ensure File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is ticked. Click OK.

NOTE: Hamachi 1.x.x.xx versions have an option to disable system services required for file sharing. Make sure it is un-checked . This is on by default for security, but cannot be enabled if you want to share files. It is STRONGLY recommended to Block new network members by default to ensure only trusted users are accessing your shares. .

3. Make sure your firewall is set up properly.

Firewalls all have different setups, but you need to ensure that the Hamachi 5.x.x.x network is allowed access to use Windows File Sharing.

If you are using a firewall other then Windows Firewall you will need to disable the Windows Firewall for the Hamachi adapter.

Go to Network Connections (in Control Panel) >, Right click Hamachi > Choose Properties > Advanced Tab, "Windows firewall" > Settings > OFF

4. Make sure you have a shared folder.

Go to My Computer right click Shared Documents > Properties > Sharing select "Share this folder", and name it if it isn't named. (You can right-click > Properties > Sharing on any folder to use the dialog to share that as well.)

8. How do I configure games to work over LogMeIn Hamachi?

Hamachi can be used to connect you and friends together for gaming. Since every game does its networking a little differently, some may work "right out of the box" and some may take a bit of tweaking.

Follow these steps as a general guideline for ensuring gaming works.
Once you and your friend have Hamachi set up, ensure you can both ping each other, and chat with each other. If either of these don't work, stop and ensure you've configured your firewall properly.
Some games are not intelligent when it comes to having more than one network adapter, and you may need to re-prioritize your network adapter order. Go into Network Connections > Advanced > Advanced Settings > and put the Hamachi adapter at the top of the list.
At this point, see if your game works. If not, check out our game specific articles

9. I get a "Setup has failed" error at installation.

First of all, please use the 1.0 version. Hamachi version 0.9 does not include an important fix for automatically resolving certain Windows Setup bugs and therefore the first step in resolving "Setup Failed" condition is to try installing 1.0. If the problem remains, please read on.

There are two common causes of this problem.

1. Your system has an atypical Driver Signing policy, which causes setup to fail instead of producing a colorful warning message. To resolve this type of issue, do the following: Open System Properties (press WinKey+Break or click on System item in Control Panel) > Switch to Hardware tab > Click on Driver Signing > Select Ignore and then hit OK. Run Hamachi installer again. You may want to restore the setting to its original value after the setup is done.

2. Most frequently setup problems are caused by running some malware (spyware) removal applications in the past that were finding something suspicious and then doing a poor job removing it. Basically they ruined parts of the Windows networking system while removing spyware. The consequences of this will not surface until you try to do something nontrivial in networking areasuch as, installing Hamachi network adapter.
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too many words.... dont wanna read... but tnx for information Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
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Configuration Hamachi
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